About Us

About Us

Kids Games is a leading distributor and publisher of casual games that entertains the masses across multiple platforms.

Even though the world is populated with over 7 billion people, it can often feel like a lonely planet. So it has been Kids Games’s mission since our inception back in August of 2001, to connect people through games by developing communities of likeminded people that enjoy accessible, intuitive and lighthearted games.

As a game publisher, Kids Games has produced over 100 titles for mobile, PC and social. Kids Games has created award winning games including Jewel Quest, Jojo’s Fashion Show and Jewel Quest Mysteries as well as licensed properties including Family Feud , Deal or No Deal and $100,000 Pyramid. Our games have not only won awards but they have climbed to the top of the charts with Deal or No capturing the #2 spot within Apple’s App Store among Free Games and Jewel Quest is one of the most widely played match 3 game of all time being enjoyed by over 75 million players worldwide across all devices.

As a distributor of casual games solutions, Kids Games aggregates HTML5 and PC downloadable games from over 500 developers worldwide and distributes that content across our wide network of own and operated sites and 3rd party partner sites. Our own and operated sites include Kids Games.ml, Iplay, Download-Free-Games, JenkatGames, and we power the download channels for several of the largest media and gaming properties including MSN Games and Pogo, just to name a few. In 2016, Kids Games purchased Gamezeboz, the #1 site for PC and mobile game reviews, walkthroughs and tips.

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